The process of application to C4F Davos Awards Kyiv

starts on August 1 and will run until September 6, 2016

For more information, please contact:
+38 050 440 9524

Dear website visitor,

Thank you for your kind interest to the contest. You may apply as nominee (you personally or your company/organization) or you may nominate a candidate (person or company/organization) for one of the below listed C4F Davos Awards Kyiv categories:

  1. Personal – to be given to individual professionals
  2. Corporate – for companies and organizations

All 2016 categories can be also viewed here »

Check for more information about awardsnominationsrules for applying

APPLICATION FEE for persons and organizations is 1500 UAH without taxes

Payment for application is available online at:

Deadline for submission is Sept 06, 2016